Pea is a 16-year-old with a monster inside of her. “This monster - he’s always here,... and always telling me what to do. he’s responsible for my food problems - making it impossible to eat or try new things.”

"Never, ever in my entire life have I looked forward to eating food - unless it’s one of my safe foods, I don’t care about food.”

“I wish I liked food. But I don’t... Stuff just doesn’t taste good to me. I can’t put food into my mouth. It’s just ... gross.”

Pea takes us through her journey of diagnosis with the eating disorder ARFID, therapy and first love.

Stephanie wrote this book while her own daughter was in treatment for ARFID and offers a tender insight into a teenagers struggle with ARFID, anxiety and depression, and hope to others in the possibility of defeating the monster once and for all.

To learn more about ARFID see my post here.

Book review - Sad Perfect by Stephanie Elliot, 2017. Pub: Square Fish, New York. ISBN13:9781250144171